About Yaseer

A youth-led volunteerism organization
 That links Muslim youth to service opportunities around their community. YASEER is a platform for them to come together and attain the pleasure of Allah SWT through community engagement and service. The Qur’anic wordيسير translates to “very easy”.


To serve our community

Help those in need to attain Allah SWT’s pleasure, and promote service-minded generations for the future.

  • Promote youth involvement and engagement in the Masjid and community 
  • Provide assistance to various local organizations and institutions rather than competing with them
  • Build service-minded generations for the future

How it works

  1. Establish a local chapter and amass a hub of high school volunteers
  2. Seek service opportunities through mosques and non-profit organizations
  3. Coordinate with event organizers and community leaders
  4. Send push text messages to registered chapter volunteers about events
  5. Get engaged and hope for reward from Allah SWT!

Why Yaseer


Increasing Need for volunteers


Decreasing volunteer spirit

General decline in youth involvement in masjid and community

Want to learn more?

Reach out: yaseer@iaryouth.org