Emergency cloud contact center for relief work + Covid-19 Resouce Map

The NC Relief Collective, anchored at the Islamic Association of Raleigh, is a collaboration of international and local relief organizations working to better the lives of people across the state. The organization was essential to the relief efforts after Hurricane Florence. We set up a toll-free hotline/chat to disseminate information and resources about Covid-19 for the NC Relief Collective. We built a fully-fledged cloud contact center which automatically routes the call based on scenario and operator availability. 

Mobile enabled text-to-pledge system

We helped build a mobile enabled text-to-pledge system with the key metrics like pledges received, amount of pledges, and the monthly pledge amount displayed at the front of the theater. This helped increase attendee engagement by displaying the total and amount left to raise in real time and enabled attendees to pledge via text.  Thanks to their generous donors, the Light House raised 50% more than the previous year.

ZFNC Community Center Volunteers

Digital Signage + Web Design + Volunteer Engagment

Digital Signage

We rolled out digital signage on multiple displays with remote admin capabilities for displaying relevant content relating to events, social media, and more.

Web Design

We created a website to keep volunteers informed & connected

Volunteer Engagement Tracking

We developed a check-in and check out app and kiosk to track volunteer engagement

Web Design

We developed a site for Al Mizaan Leadership Academy.

Islamic Ahlul Bayt Association of Triangle

iOS App + Videography

iOS App

We created an app to allow congregants to keep informed of events, prayer times and more.


We produced videos of lectures and distributed them to the IABAT community.