Q2 Update

2020 has been a wild year.

Skilled volunteer mobilization has always been one of the key objectives of our organization. We’ve put a lot of thought in providing much-needed talent to nonprofits with underfunded tech budgets in a sustainable and nonintrusive way. We have a two-stage plan to provide vital human resources to these nonprofits. The first is an in-house program that allows talent to volunteer though us with options like our Summer website accelerator. We have worked with a number of nonprofits over the last few months to overhaul their digital footprint in a cohesive way. The second stage is based on an idea that our nonprofit is literally based on. Our vision is a way for any person, no matter their location, to volunteer virtually to create an impact with the nonprofits that are changing the world. This will be done though an all-in-one platform that allows volunteers to find pro-bono opportunities and apply for them, with the nonprofit being able to interact with them within the platform. Over the past few months, we have ironed out the product strategy and vision. Originally it was called Nonprofit Studio, but we have since changed the name to Volunteer Talent to better represent the product.

At Nonprofit Foundation, we empower nonprofits for the future. This is why we wanted to empower the future of nonprofits, Teen-Led organizations. We wanted to build a community for high-schoolers and college students to change and impact the world though nonprofit endeavors. We launched an interactive virtual summit dedicated to teens in nonprofits. This event gathered 250+ registrants from around the world.

We were really excited to work with Attended, an event production company in Raleigh to produce the event with engaging graphics and quality.

We’re launching a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign