Q1 Update from Nonprofit Foundation Team

April 5, 2020

First, we hope you are safe and keeping healthy in these troubling times. Together, as a community, we will overcome these challenges. 

We are writing to highlight the last quarter which has been exciting for the Nonprofit Foundation.

We are proud to announce that we officially launched our organization on March 8th at the Light House Project fundraiser at Stuart Theater, NC State University. The Light House, as our fiscal sponsor, has provided resources and support through our journey of empowering digital transformation in nonprofits. We want to thank everyone who came out to support us, we truly appreciated it. 

We supported the Light House by helping build a mobile enabled text-to-pledge system with the key metrics like pledges received, amount of pledges, and the monthly pledge amount displayed at the front of the theater. This helped increase attendee engagement by displaying the total and amount left to raise in real time and enabled attendees to pledge via text.  Thanks to their generous donors, the Light House raised 50% more than the previous year.

We also want to highlight one of the organizations we help support, the NC Relief Collective. The NC Relief Collective, anchored at the Islamic Association of Raleigh, is a collaboration of international and local relief organizations working to better the lives of people across the state. The organization was essential to the relief efforts after Hurricane Florence. They have been working hard in light of the Covid-19 Crisis to provide resources and aid to North Carolinians. Thanks to you, we have been able to provide them with free web hosting, GSuite (Google Drive for Business) and domains. One of the things we have been working with NC Relief Collective is a crowdsourced map of Covid-19 resources. This will allow people across the state to find local food banks and testing sites near them using geolocation. This site that we have built alongside NC Relief Collective will help people in many ways not only with the current situation but in the future as well. 

We have also set up a toll-free hotline/textline to disseminate information and resources about Covid-19 for the NC Relief Collective. We built a fully-fledged cloud contact center which automatically routes the call based on scenario and operator availability. This was done as part of our effort to phase in nonprofits for our Nonprofit Studio program which will provide nonprofits the platform to connect with skilled tech volunteers to build out their tech infrastructure. 

We also started Nonprofit Cloud, which offers free or low-cost web hosting to nonprofits. Our hosting is powered by Cpanel, the industry standard server control panel. We used AWS server infrastructure to ensure a scalable and high-performance option for nonprofits.

We also continued to support the websites and apps we recently launched for various local organizations. We are also working with a potential group of local nonprofits to build their websites and apps. More on this to come soon.

All of this was made possible with your kind donations.  Thanks to your continued support. Please visit our website https://nonprofit.foundation for further updates.

Thank you once again and stay safe!

-Team NPF