Nonprofits have
never been more

The only goal of a nonprofit is change.
Change is what we need right now.

We’re a teen-led nonprofit  that launched in March of 2020 working to empower nonprofit capacity building.
We leverage the power of technology and skilled tech volunteerism as a catalyst for social good.

Our multifaceted approach


Skilled Volunteer Mobilization

We find volunteers who want to make an impact through tech. We're also developing a platform that automatically connects skilled tech volunteers with nonprofits.



Tech Project Execution

Starting this summer, we're launching a website accelerator that will manage the design, education and overall development of a website project to drive transformation of a nonprofits digital footprint.


Cloud Infrastructure

Through product grants and donations from Amazon Web Services and Cpanel, we're able to run a web hosting platform. Currently used for internal purposes, public launch will be soon



Nonprofit Education

We're planning a fully online nonprofit digital transformation summit that provides knowledge from industry experts. We're also writing guides to walk nonprofit staff and volunteers with the in's and out's of buiding out their tech