Innovative capacity building, one nonprofit at a time.

We provide technology, infrastructure, and strategy to help nonprofits give back with greater impact.

We use technology to move nonprofits forward.

Nonprofits are continuing to do great things right now, at a time where they’ve never been needed more. We’re on a mission with an ambitious goal to put critical infrastructure in the hands of every nonprofit.

“It’s no longer a question of whether young people can take leadership, it’s whether the rest of the world can keep up with them.”

Jayantha Wickramanayake

United Nations Envoy on Youth

What we do

We build technology products that help nonprofits build for the future.


Skilled volunteer mobilization

In November of 2020 we launched Volunteer Talent, a platform that connects skilled tech volunteers with nonprofits.  


Leadership support

Teen-Led, a community of 300+ teen nonprofit leaders


Cloud hosting

Sites hosted with us have been viewed over 500,000 times.


Transparency data

This spring we are launching Carefeed, a service that allows for real-time nonprofit financial transparency at a granular level.


Tech acceleration

Through our upcoming ImpactX program we will provide access to SaaS credits, mentorship and networking to drive digital transformation and foster collaboration between organizations. 


Outreach + education

Our work has never been more important.

Please consider making a donation through our fiscal sponsor to help cover the costs of running our projects.



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